Where and how do my employees come to work? Does my activity generate a lot of business trips? What is my environmental impact? Responding to this type of question is essential to achieving a Workplace Mobility Plan (WMP).

Nevertheless, collecting and analyzing this information is not always easy. However, this is an obligation for companies with more than 100 workers in Brussels, and in Belgium (federal diagnosis of commuting).

This website helps you in this work and facilitates the realization of your WMP.

2 main tools are at your disposal:

Mobility survey

In order to collect your data, create mobility surveys in a few clicks!

You can launch and manage on-line surveys to be distributed to your workers.

These surveys are specifically formatted to meet your legal obligations. More specifically, they will allow you to collect data on:

  • the places of residence of your workers,
  • their commuting,
  • telework,
  • their professional travel.

You will be able to export the results obtained. A standard Excel file, mandatory to meet the regional obligation, will also be generated.

Go to the surveys page.

Mobility report

To enable you to analyze your data, generate a mobility report.

This includes:

  • A synthetic description of the modal split of your workers, broken down by geographical area,
  • A comparison of your results with those of other companies,
  • Maps at different scales, describing the movements of your workers,
  • A calculation of the environmental impact of your journeys.

Go to the Mobility Report page.